Fishing Terminal

• Fish landing dock with 35.000 sq. meters of wet area and navigation depths of - 6.00 m with a service dock with 90.000 sq. meters of wet area and navigation depths of - 4.00 m and - 2.00 m respectively.

• The fish discharging pier comprises 250 m of length.

• It comprises a servicing pier for fuel, supply water and ice with 120 meters of length and also 3 pontoons for berthing of trawlers, seiners and local fishing crafts, with 840 m of total length.

• 2 pontoons for small fishing boats; 1 pontoon for equipment and 1 Ramp and also a repair quay and one terminal for internal boat trips.

• 14 000 sq. meters of access ramp and 29 000 sq. meters area for dry fishing net.

• One Building for fish trading and support services with 3760 sq. meters

• It comprises 75 warehouses for fish traders and equipment with administrative service offices and the supply services (communications, fuel, water and electric power)

• Adjacent leveled grounds for industrial activities with total of 200 000 sq. meters and leveled grounds for fishing and commercial support activities with a total area of 90 000 sq. meters

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