Nautical Docks

Marina Dock central building with reception services for mariners, and two convenience shops, one providing fuel for the boats, among other most needed products, and the second one selling essentially nautical products. 2 reception pontoons, the one on the east side with fuel station.

Marina reception services also provide information about meteorological and tidal conditions, and local and regional tourism. The Wi-Fi service is also available. On the back part of the building there are access controlled facilities with modern sanitary and showers, as well as a laundry area with semi-industrial washing and drying equipment. It also comprises Containers for disposal of garbage and oil residues.

Physical Facilities

• 50 000 sq. meters of wet area with a docking ramp for boats

• 2 000 sq. meters of leveled ground for Trailers and mooring.

• It comprises commercial and technical support services and the public area of embankments is around 30 000 sq. meters.

• There are 361 berthing places for leisure boats, with dimensions between 6 m and 16 m long and 3 m draft, served by electrical power and drinking water.

• One Pier 120 m long, with depths of - 4.00 m for service boats, eventually allowing the temporary berthing of pleasure crafts exceeding 16 m long, if the necessary safety conditions are observed.


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