The Port of Figueira da Foz is located in district of Coimbra, with the central region of Portugal and central of Spain (Castilla y Léon) as its natural hinterland. It is located in the Iberian corridor Portugal-Irun of the Trans European network of transports. The main infrastructures of this corridor are mutually complementary.

- Port of Figueira da Foz
- Port of Aveiro
- A14, A17, A1, A25 e A23 in Portugal
- A6, A62 – main accesses to Spain
- Beira Alta Rail way (direct connection to Spain) until Irun
-Rail way connections to the main Portuguese railway lines


The recommended maximum draft vessels practicing bar is 6 m between 1st November and the end of February and 6.5 m during the rest of the year. The maximum length (outside-to-outside) admitted is 120 m for vessels with bow thruster. In good weather conditions and sea, some flexibility may be exercised in respect of the recommended maximum dimensions after individual examination by the port authority (pilotage department).

The Port of Figueira da Foz is a short sea shipping port located in the center of the Portuguese Atlantic coast. This port offers excellent national road accesses (A8, A17, A14 and A1) and rail accesses to the National and Iberian rail lines. At the moment Figueira da Foz Port offers regular maritime solutions to Morocco (southbound service), France, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Germany (northbound services).

The social capital of the Port Authority of Figueira da Foz (APFF) is fully subscribed by Aveiro Port Authority, which has been incentive to define a cooperative model as a strategy to serve the logistical needs of the Central Region of Portugal – defining Figueira da Foz as an intermodal and logistic solution for the industries of its area of influence and also extending its hinterland to the Spanish provinces of Castilla y Leon, Madrid and Extremadura.

Currently Figueira da Foz Port is an important and competitive node of the supply chain of one important Portuguese cluster – the pulp and paper industries (figuring as the major producers of pulp and wood products in Europe and in the world). Concerning its facilities, the port of Figueira da Foz offers 2 commercial terminals for dry cargo (one multipurpose terminal and one solid bulk terminal) and 3 specialized areas: one new private area for Shipbuilding and Repair and 2 areas dedicated to nautical and fishing industries.

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