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Jurisdiction Area

The APFF, S.A. has the attributions of Port Authority in the Port of Figueira da Foz, with jurisdiction on port terrains, areas of expansion and areas of Maritime Public Domain adjacent to the Mondego River estuary.

The jurisdiction area is delimited by a line which begins in the intersection of parallel 53 750 with the western perimeter of Engenheiro Silva Street (A) and follows this route south until it Intersects the southern perimeter of Foz do Mondego Av. Proceeds east along the Avenue’s perimeter, continuing in the same direction along Saraiva de Carvalho Avenue and Municipal Road n. 600 until it intersects the railway (B), follows the southern limit of the railway until the City Council’s Residual Water Treatment Station of Figueira da Foz (c),where it crosses the Mondego River to the eastern vertex of the Serradinho, following south and then west along its respective limit, inflecting along the southern limits of the “Viveiro do Mondeguinho”, crosses the middle of the “Viveiro do Cerco”, along the limits of the “Viveiro do Norte”, the “ Viveiro de S. Julião” and the “Viveiro D. Maria”.

It crosses the National Road EN 109 to the western perimeter, following this limit south up to the roundabout, contours west and then north until point D. Continues north to point E, inflects west to point F and G where it intersects parallel 52 100.